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Outdoor Facilities

RecSports Fields Adjacent to TRECS

The RecSports Field, equipped with field turf and electronic scoreboards, is an easily accessible recreational area open to individuals, RecSports related teams, or Informal Recreation groups. Located behind the Bubble it lies between TRECS and Tom Black Track. The RecSports Field, nearly 2.5 acres in size, is the primary outdoor location for informal recreation activities.

RecSports Tennis Courts

Located between the Bubble and HPER facilities are six lighted Tennis courts. These courts are used for Intramural play as well as informal recreation. The courts stay lighted during the evening hours of operation for TRECS.

RecSports Paddleball Courts

Located on the lower level directly behind the Bubble, sit the Paddleball/Handball Courts. This popular area houses four Paddleball/Handball Courts ready for your choice of an appropriate racquet sport for friendly competition or practice.

RecSports Basketball Courts

Situated between the Bubble and the Tennis Courts, the open basketball area provides a lighted space for Intramural and informal half-court games. This space is easily accessible during lunch and evening hours when pick-up games are a popular attraction.

RecSports Sand Volleyball Court

Located along the East side of the Student Aquatic Center (SAC) is the sand volleyball court. This facility is used mainly for informal recreation. A number of programmed events are held at this location in addition to the volleyball action that goes on regularly.


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