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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values

RecSports is the Department of Recreational Sports within the Division of Student Life at the University of Tennessee. It serves students, faculty, and staff by providing a wide variety of programs and well-maintained facilities for almost any sport- or fitness-oriented person.

RecSports has a number of programs including Fitness, Aquatics, Intramurals, Outdoor Pursuits, Sport Clubs, and allows for friendly competition, fitness training, and sport to all members of the university community.

The mission of the UTK RecSports Department is to provide & engage our students & community with holistic recreational experiences that cultivate wellness and the Volunteer Spirit through programs, facilities, services, & employment.

The vision of RecSports is to engage and develop all Vols for a better future.

RecSports stands with Chancellor Plowman in addressing our own shortcomings as individuals and a University.

Student Learning/Program Outcomes

Students will develop a lifelong appreciation for various recreation-, fitness-, and sport-related activities intended for a diverse population and conducive to maximizing holistic wellness.

  • Divisional Alignment—Healthy Living
  • CAS Alignment—Practical Competence

Students will improve their swimming skills and/or comfortability in an aquatics-based environment.

  • Divisional Alignment—Healthy Living/Self-Knowledge
  • CAS Alignment—Practical Competence/Intrapersonal Development

Students will learn how to recreate, exercise, and socialize without structured guidance or instruction.

  • Divisional Alignment—Healthy Living/ Self-Knowledge
  • CAS Alignment—Practical Competence/ Intrapersonal Development

Students will develop teamwork skills by cooperating within self-organized groups intended to compete with integrity and civility.

  • Divisional Alignment—Communication/Leadership/Intercultural Competence
  • CAS Alignment—Interpersonal Competence

Students will improve their social and physical wellbeing  through participation in Group Fitness classes and programmed personal training.

  • .Divisional Alignment—Healthy Living/Communication
  • CAS Alignment—Practical Competence

Students will develop technical and interpersonal skills related to a variety of outdoor-based recreational activities while being exposed to challenging elements present in the natural world.

  • Divisional Alignment—Self-Knowledge
  • CAS Alignment—Intrapersonal Development

Students will have the opportunity to participate in an organized sport that provides leadership opportunities and experiential learning while representing the institution on a collegiate level.

.Divisional Alignment—Communication/Leadership/Intercultural Competence/Student Engagement.

  • CAS Alignment—Interpersonal Competence/Practical Competence

Students will develop career readiness competencies that will prepare them for a post-graduate professional environment.

  • Divisional Alignment—Practical Competence
  • CAS Alignment—Cognitive Complexity