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Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding intramural sports at UT. Though there are numerous questions and answers posted on this site, intramural participants are encouraged to read the Intramural Participant Handbook for all policies and procedures.

Information on the activities offered during each semester can be found on the intramural website under the events calendar link.

All UT undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled and have paid their activity fees shall be eligible for intramural activities. Faculty and staff members with a Recreation Membership are eligible for intramural activities. “Plus One” members are NOT eligible to participate in intramural sports.

All participants must present a current UT student ID or Recreation Membership card before each intramural contest. If the membership card does not have a picture, you will be required to show a picture ID with your membership card to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!

A forfeit occurs when a team does not have the minimum number of players present and legally signed in at game time. A forfeit fine will be assessed to the team captain’s student account for all forfeits. A default forfeit occurs when a team captain contacts the Intramural Office in advance to notify the staff that his or her team will be unable to attend their contest. Teams must notify the Intramural Office by 3 p.m. the day of the contest. The game is recorded as a loss, but no forfeit fine is assessed.

The Intramural Sports Program does not typically form teams for individuals but rather helps potential participants locate others who would like to form a team or already has a team that just needs a few extra players.  We call individuals looking for teams “free agents”.  For team sports, we provide individuals an opportunity to add themselves to a free agent list on at so that team captains are able to contact them to add free agents to their roster.

All ejected players must schedule a meeting with the intramural graduate assistant before he or she is permitted to participate in future intramural contests. Ejected players are suspended indefinitely from any intramural contests until he or she attends and has been reinstated.

During the regular season, players are permitted to play on multiple teams in all eligible divisions. During postseason play, players may only select one team from all eligible divisions.

A female participant may play on a Men’s League team; however, she forfeits the right to play on a Women’s League team.

If the wrong score is listed on the website, the manager should immediately contact the Intramural Office at