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RecSports Fields at Sutherland

The RecSports Field Complex is the newest addition to the RecSports facilities.

Opened in fall 2013, the RecSports Field Complex boasts an impressive 38 acres of fields, including two softball fields, four turf fields, four natural grass fields, and three sand volleyball courts. This facility can be accessed in many different ways including the Knoxville Greenway coming directly from campus to the Sutherland Complex. This new facility will be available for a number of activities throughout the semester from intramurals to sports clubs.

Address: 3620 Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37919

General Use

  • The RecSports Fields at Sutherland are the property of the University of Tennessee and may only be utilized by students, faculty, and staff with valid UT identification or by permission of the Department of RecSports.
  • Patrons must be prepared to present their validated VolCard when requested by any University of Tennessee official (RecSports staff, UTPD, etc.).
  • University and departmental policies are in effect at all RecSports facilities. Patrons are expected to behave in a manner that will not detract from the enjoyment of others using the facility.
  • No trespassing on the field when the gates are locked. The fields are under 24-hour video surveillance. Climbing any perimeter fence constitutes trespassing, and trespassers will be prosecuted. Gates will be open and closed by staff for any open recreation and event times.
  • Proper attire for the venue/activity is required. Only athletic shoes or molded cleats may be used. Bare feet are prohibited.
  • Sports, recreation, and related warm-up activities may only occur in designated activity areas. Any activities or items that may cause damage to the facility are not permitted (i.e. golf or archery).
  • No alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, glass, or weapons allowed. Coolers at events are subject to inspection.
  • Animals are not permitted unless it is registered as a service animal.
  • Participants and spectators shall be aware of flying objects and participate at your own risk.
  • Rollerblades skateboards, and bikes are not permitted on the fields or courts.
  • Do not throw, hit, or kick balls at any of the fences.
  • Bikes must be parked at designated bike racks and should not be attached to fences or on playing fields. Bikes left on racks for more than two weeks will be confiscated and donated to a local charity.
  • During inclement weather (lightning, thunder, or tornado, etc.), the fields will be closed and participants will be asked to leave the fields and go to a safe location. (Please see specific lightning policy.)
  • No photography or videography without prior approval per the RecSports Participant Handbook.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult age 18 years or older.
  • The selling of food, beverages, or merchandise is prohibited without prior approval from the Office of the Dean of Students through the submission of a solicitation form and approval of the Department of RecSports.
  • All heat sources are prohibited. Exceptions may be permitted for generators provided the heat source is separated from the sport turf surface by least 5/8” with a nonheat conducting material (i.e. plywood.).
  • Any users or spectators who violate RecSports or university polices can be removed from the facility and face suspension from use of all RecSports facilities.

Thunder and Lightning
RecSports fields are equipped with a lightning detection device. If one blast is heard, and the strobe light is visible or lightning is seen or heard, all outdoor facilities are closed. All participants will be asked to leave the fields and seek shelter in their vehicles and away from fences. When three short blasts sound and the strobe lights are off, activity may resume on fields. This policy is consistent with the National Weather Service’s lightning guidelines.

  • Find a sturdy building for shelter during a lightning storm.
  • Do not use sheds, tents, or covered porches for protection from lightning.

Consult UT’s emergency preparedness website for more information.

Scheduling Priority for the RecSports Fields at Sutherland

The Department of RecSports’ facilities are primarily for use by UT Knoxville students.

  1. RecSports department programs
  2. UT Knoxville registered student organizations/student groups (Staffing costs will apply.)
  3. UT Knoxville divisions and departments (Rental and staffing costs will apply.)
  4. UT Knoxville division and department groups (Rental and staffing costs will apply.)
  5. Non-UT Knoxville groups (Rental and staffing costs will apply.)

*The RecSports Fields at Sutherland priority for use from August through May each academic year is RecSports departmental programs.

**Major RecSports Field refurbishing takes place in May and June each year with the following:

  • Plug and deep-tine aeration
  • Spot field repairs (i.e., base and home plate areas on the grass fields and center wear areas on all fields)
  • Spray applications for weed control, removal of winter rye grass, spot bug and ant infestation control
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Sand top-dressing of the fields to repair any low and rough areas

Additional July refurbishing:

  • Limited use will be permitted for the hot weather growing season (July) to provide the Bermuda grass an opportunity to spread and flourish.

Non-UT Knoxville group rentals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the following consideration:

  • Rentals will only be approved if they do not interfere with student and department use or field area repairs/refurbishing that is taking place.
  • If the rental fee can benefit the students and the university.
  • Any approved rental group will have a field/facility damage clause with a required retainer for any damages incurred during their event.
  • Any excessive cleaning or clean-up required will be billed back to the group renting the facility.
  • Group insurance is required for all outside groups renting and must list the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as “additional insured” on the date/s of your event. This insurance must be for a minimum of $1 million.
  • Outside groups (Non-UT Knoxville) should contact the RecSports office (865-974-0492) prior to filling out an online request and the Facilities and Operations staff will provide potential availability and guidance for any request.
  • Rental rates, staffing (RecSports staff, UTPD, Facilities Services housekeeping, utilities and trash service are required charges with each rental—opening and closing of the facility add a minimum of one additional hour to the staffing charges) are estimated with the total event.The event request estimated cost will include the complete event from set up to completion with clean up.

Inclement Weather or Field Condition Cancellations

  • The RecSports department reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to inclement weather, which may cause potential injury to a participant or damage to the grass field areas. RecSports will make every consideration to complete a rental event; however, modifications may need to be made to the event if the group is required to only use the Astro Turf field areas (Fields 3, 4, 7, and 8).
  • Rental groups must follow and assist with clearing the field areas of participants when life safety situations occur due to an incoming storm. The RecSports Fields at Sutherland are equipped with the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction Device and groups must abide by the UT Knoxville RecSports policy. This policy is consistent with the National Weather Service’s lightning guidelines. Fields will be cleared and participants must go to a sturdy building or their car for shelter during the storm.

Event Information and Recommendations

  • Games may not begin prior to 8 a.m., and it is recommended that no games start after 10 p.m.
  • Athletic trainers and medical staff are not provided by the RecSports department. It is strongly encouraged that all events and event coordinators formulate an emergency action plan and provide a trained medical professional to oversee injuries and emergency medical situations.

Reservation Requests
In order to make a reservation request for the RecSports Fields at Sutherland, please contact RecSports at 865-974-5766 or click here to request a facility reservation. Available space and times are limited.

Parking lot

  • The parking lot is available for use during open recreation and programmed hours. Any cars left in the parking lot when the facility is closed will be locked in. The owner will have to contact UTPD at 865-974-3111 to get their car out of the lot after hours.
  • All university, state, and local laws will be enforced. Park at your own risk.
  • University and departmental policies are in effect at all RecSports facilities.
  • The parking lot at the RecSports Fields at Sutherland are under 24-hour video surveillance.