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bike shop

Bike Shop

The UTOP Bike Shop, inside the Outdoor Center at TRECS, is open to all current students, graduate/professional students, and faculty/staff with RecSports memberships. During our business hours bring your bike through the TRECS loading dock on UT Drive.

Learn how to fix and maintain your bike for free from our trained bike mechanics*. For those that want to let our trained mechanics fix their bikes, you can choose from our service menu below.

*Note: When learning to fix your own bike (for free) you must perform the repair yourself.

Service Cost Approx. Time (mins)
Tune Up $6 30
Tube Change (1) $7 15
Tube Change (2) $11 15
Brake Alignment $3 15
Disk Brake De-Squeal $3 15
Front Brake (Cable & Housing) $7 10
Rear Brake (Cable & Housing) $9 10
Front & Rear Brakes (Cable & Housing) $13 15
Brake Pad Replacement (Rim) $7 10
Brake Pad Replacement (Disc) $23 10
Shifter Cable (1) $5 15
Shifter Housing (3-5 ft.) $8 15
Wheel True $3 15
Wheel True w/ Spoke $3+$4/spoke 15
Single Speed Chain Replacement $13 15
6-8 Speed Chain Replacement $13 15
9 Speed Chain Replacement $18 15
10 Speed Chain Replacement $28 15

UTOP offers short and long-term rentals. To check equipment availability and sizing, call 865-974-9749.

Long Term Rental Lottery Application

Semester-long rentals are in high demand. If you are interested, look for announcements near the beginning of each semester about rental sign-up dates.

However, rentals may become available throughout the semester, so check back with us at any time of the year.

Long-Term Rental

3-Speed Commuter bike  —     $50/Semester($25/summer)**


FAQ for Long-Term Bike Rentals

The perfect bike for getting around campus! Three-speed internal gearing is low maintenance and allows shifting from a standstill. Bikes come with full-length fenders, U-lock, helmet, and a bell. Sign up to reserve your spot in the raffle drawing for these bikes at the beginning of the semester.

**Faculty/staff with RecSports memberships are required to pay an addition $15 for long-term rental (total cost $65/semester)

Short Term Rentals

Mountain bike  —      $12/day; $20/weekend


26″ and 29″ hardtails with 3×9 gearing, hydraulic disc brakes, and knobby tires ready to gobble up mile after mile of singletrack…

Road bike  —          $12/day; $20/weekend


Satisfy your need for speed with one of our drop-bar road bikes. Skinny tires keep rolling resistance to a minimum, allowing you to rack up the miles on some of Knoxville’s finest roads.

*UTOP does not buy or sell bikes. If you would like to purchase or sell a bike, please support one on Knoxville’s many friendly local bike shops.

We only sell the parts listed below. Buy your bigger accessories and major components from a local shop.

NOTE: On mobile devices, swipe right to see full table.

Part Name Cost
Tube $4
Patch Kit $2
Cable (each) $2
Housing (per foot) $1
1–8-Speed Chain $10
9-Speed Chain $15
10-Speed Chain $25
Rim Brake Pads (pair) $4
Tire Lever $1
Handlebar Grips $10
Handlebar Tape $10
Spoke & Nipple $1
Rim Tape (each) $3
Road Tires $20
Crossover Tires $20
Cassette Sprocket $20
Disk Brake Pads $20