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RecSports Endowment


The RecSports Endowment was established through years of fundraising by RecSports department students and staff, and through the generosity of private and corporate partners. The funds are intended to support the department and its students through a variety of stipends, scholarships and grants.


Decisions regarding each individual award are made by the appointed committee based on the request and the total endowment earnings available for that year. The amount of earning to be used each year is at the discretion of the RecSports Director. Individuals receiving awards from the RecSports Endowment should have a demonstrated commitment to the field of recreation. A focus on campus recreation is preferred.

Earning from the endowment may be used to support:

  1. Undergraduate student book scholarships for the best RecSports student employees;
  2. Professional development of undergraduate and graduate students, including registration fees for professional conferences or certification course;
  3. Departmental programs with a campus-wide impact, such as Welcome Week, late night, and educational programs;
  4. Technology purchases that enhance service to the campus community;
  5. Fees for publications and other resources that enhance the efforts of RecSports staff;
  6. Other purposes directly related to the RecSports mission.

Protocol and policies that govern the application for awards, the use of funds, or other requirements regarding the use of earning from the endowment are established by the committee and approved by the RecSports Director.

The availability of awards will be made known to students via the RecSports website, at RecSports Full Staff Training, and/or through faculty from the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Studies.


The RecSports Endowment Award Committee is appointed by the RecSports Director, and will feature a combination of RecSports staff, Student Life staff, staff and/or faculty from the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Studies, and graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in the field of campus recreation. Committee members will be asked to join the committee based on their contribution and commitment to the mission of RecSports. Student members are selected after submitting a written statement of interest to the RecSports Director.


Please access the official application here for more information.