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Aside from the opportunity to learn a new sport or continue in a familiar one, the Sport Clubs program at the University of Tennessee gives students an opportunity to participate in the leadership roles and decision-making process of club activities. The success of individual clubs and the Sport Club program is dependent on the professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers, advisors, and coaches. It remains one of the only programs that is created for students, by students, yet is still under the close guidance of the university (the Sport Clubs program director and staff). Club members nominate student officers who run the day-to-day operations of the club, which include scheduling practices and games, contracting referees, arranging transportation, and compiling a budget.

Simply, intramural activities are short-term competitions among UT students, faculty, and staff. Sport Clubs are for students who want to enjoy a longer relationship (usually both semesters) with their sport of choice and the other students who share an interest in that activity. Some clubs are only competitive, recreational, or instructional, but most clubs have a combination of these elements. Competitive club usually compete as part of a regional or national league, and travel to tournaments and matches throughout the southeast and even across the country.

While each club decides if member dues are necessary, the majority of clubs require dues in an effort to assist with certain operation costs. These costs include paying for travel, uniforms, equipment, and tournament costs. Member dues vary from club to club.

Current UT students who have paid their SPSF fees and faculty and staff (who have RecSports memberships) are welcome to join. However, some leagues have requirements that are separate from university and Sport Clubs program policies. UT faculty and staff may also serve as club advisors.

No. Clubs are open to students of all levels of skill and ability. Clubs such as Sailing require no past experience, just a desire to work hard to learn the sport, and to be a responsible, contributing club member.

A current contact person for each club is listed through each club’s profile page on the VOLink website. These individuals will be happy assist you further in becoming a member of the club.
Other means include attending the club interest meetings, held at the start of each semester, or RecFest, held each year during Welcome Week.
Attend a club practice! Because no formal sign up is required, interested students are welcome to attend a club practice ready to play. Just ask for a club officer and indicate that you are interested in joining the club.

Interested club members can join at any time throughout the year!

Clubs are funded through the following means:

Sport Clubs allocation (Via the “Points” system, the Sport Clubs Handbook for more information)
Club dues or membership fees
Club fundraising projects
Donations to Sport Clubs
Some out-of-pocket expenses (Many clubs do not require out-of-pocket expenses, ask your club officer for more details)