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The Student Recreation Center at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, known as TRECS, offers a prime opportunity for companies to reach a captive and engaged audience. With approximately 4,000 visitors EVERY DAY and an expansive student population exceeding 32,000 in Fall 2023, all of whom have a membership with TRECS, this TRECS provides unparalleled brand exposure and targeted advertising potential.

Key Advantages of Advertising in TRECS

  1. Captive and Engaged Audience: TRECS attracts students, faculty, and staff who actively participate in fitness activities and recreational programs. This captive audience ensures heightened reception of advertising materials during each visit.
  2. Diverse Demographics: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, houses a diverse student body, enabling advertisers to target specific segments or reach a broad audience with varying interests and preferences.
  3. Brand Exposure: Advertising in TRECS guarantees high visibility and significant brand exposure and messages due to the large and consistent visitors, including students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Exclusive Membership: All 32,000+ students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are members of TRECS, making it a coveted location for advertising to this dedicated and health-conscious demographic.
  5. Strategic Advertising Options: Option A: a rotating slide placed on all 5 TVs or Option B: a static slide placed on 1 TV, allowing advertisers to strategically choose where to tailor their campaigns effectively.


Option A: A Rotating Slide Placed on all 5 TVs.

  • 10 seconds on display per rotation: $300 per Week (7 days).
  • 20 seconds on display per rotation: $500 per Week (7 days).
  • 30 seconds on display per rotation: $700 per Week (7 days).


Option B: A Static Slide Placed on 1 TV.

  • On display for 1 day, all day: $100 per day.
  • On display for 1 week (7 days), all day: $500 per week.


Click HERE to see a chart of available options.


Please Note the Following:

  • All digital content must be produced in-advance and by the entity making the request.  No sign production services are available within this request.
  • Digital content should be professional, esthetic, and free of offensive images and/or words; RecSports reserves the right to deny a request if the digital content fails to reach the standards expressed herein.
  • Digital content should be free of all UT trademark logos and images unless approval to use such was secured in advance.
  • All digital content should be submitted on a single Power Point slide (.PPT or .PPTX) for ease of posting.

Please review restrictions on digital signage in TRECS before submitting your request below.

Submit a Request for Advertising in TRECS


Any questions related to digital displays in TRECS should be directed to Eric Harrell, RecSports Membership & Outreach Coordinator at