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Personal Training

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Individual Sessions

Meet one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to develop a customized program designed to meet all of your fitness goals.

Buddy Sessions

Two clients train together with one personal trainer, pushing each other to achieve maximum fitness results. Buddy session pricing is the total cost.

Workout to Go

Meet with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness goals and create a customized workout plan that you can use on your own. Take your workout to go!


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Training Type Student Faculty/Staff
Fitness Assessment $15 $20
Workout to Go $20 $25
Changes to WTG $15 $20
Buddy Sessions—1 $20 $25
Buddy Sessions—3 $50 $55
Buddy Sessions—6 $95 $100
Individual Sessions—1 $20 $20
Individual Sessions—3 $50 $55
Individual Sessions—6 $95 $100
Individual Sessions—15 $225 $235

Contact Tee Ezell at or Emma Larkins at for more information.

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