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Participation Impact on the Volunteer Experience

In 2022, RecSports participated in a national assessment on the impact of Campus Recreation participation.  The following dashboards provide access to this assessment’s aggregate results, gives a host of demographic filters from which to choose, and display a benchmark among user groups and against the national average.


Background Information

  • UTK
    • Surveys were distributed to students campus-wide in Spring 2022 (N-28,624)
    • A total of 3,412 responses were recorded, with 1,530 students completing the survey.

  • Responses were grouped together by self-identified rate of participation.
    • Heavy Users: 5 or more times per week
    • Moderate Users: 3-4 times per week
    • Light Users: 1-2 times per week
    • Non-Users: 0 times per week
  • The UTK response proportions are compared with those from the National Average.