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Canyonlands Canoe Trip

Spend the week exploring Labyrinth Canyon by foot and boat!

What’re we doing?

This Spring, UTOP is teaming up with UTC Outdoors and heading to just Outside Canyonlands National park for a multi-day canoe trip through the Labyrinth Canyon section of the Green river. We’ll live life on the river for 5 days, 4 nights, bringing many of the comforts of sleeping next to a car into the backcountry, via our canoes. Meet students from other schools, and explore the desert river landscapes of Utah with us for a spring break to remember.


About The River

Labyrinth Canyon is just north of Canyonlands National Park outside of Moab, Utah. Labyrinth Canyon gets its name from an abnormally twisty 45 mile stretch of the Green River. This section of the Green River features canyon walls rising hundreds of feet on both sides of the river, sometimes directly out of the water. At Bowknot Bend, the river flows within a quarter mile of itself before flowing seven miles around a large Mesa and nearly running back into itself. These incredible walls boast caves, arches, abandoned uranium mines, and historic markers such as Native American art and inscriptions from European explorers. The remote desert landscape provides a fantastic escape from classwork and the calm, flowing water makes for a relaxing paddle. This trip is a backcountry trip, but is beginner friendly and no paddling experience is necessary. Participants must know how to swim before the trip.

Information meeting

We will have an informational meeting for the trip on February 1, from 7-8pm in the Outdoor center, located on the lower level of TRECS.

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Getting There

This year, we’ll have everyone fly into Denver International Airport to meet us on the first morning of the trip (3/9). UTOP staff will leave the day before in a van loaded with all our (and your) gear, and meet everyone at the airport. From there, we’ll load up and finish the remaining 5.5 hours of the drive to just outside Moab Utah.

On the last day (3/15), we’ll drop everyone off back at Denver International Airport for your departing flight, then continue to drive all of our gear back to Knoxville.

UTOP staff will meet all participants at Denver International Airport (DEN) on Saturday, March 9th. You will need to be at the airport, off of the plane, and ready to be picked up by 1pm on March 9th. We will be back at Denver International Airport by 2pm on Friday, March 15th. UTOP will be providing transportation from Denver to Moab, and back to Denver. You are responsible for your own flight or other means of getting yourself to DEN

Trip Logistics.

After driving from Denver to Moab, we will spend our first night camping at the boat put-in at Ruby Ranch. We will be spending 5 days on the river, beginning Sunday at Ruby Ranch and ending at Mineral Bottom on Thursday. There are several potential side hikes in the canyons surrounding the river, and we will take one day to explore one of these canyons and rest our arms. We will be camping on the side of the river each night, and will be bringing all of our food and gear with us in our boats.

When we arrive at Mineral Bottom on Thursday, we will pack our gear into our van (UTOP staff will handle shuttling our van) and drive to a campsite near Moab, where we will stay Thursday night before driving back to Denver on Friday.

UTOP provides any necessary equipment/gear, food while we are on the river, guides, and transportation from Denver to Moab and back.

What does your $$ get you?

Included in the cost of this trip:

  • All food from Breakfast on 3/10 –  Breakfast 3/15. We’ll stop for fast food between airport pickup and our arrival near Moab, and between leaving Moab and arriving back at the airport for departure.
    • We can accommodate most any dietary restriction with ease. Really.
  • All the camping and paddling gear you’ll need.
  • Transportation for your stuff to and from Knoxville. No need to check bags at the airport.
  • Transportation from the time we pick you up at Denver International Airport to  the time you depart back for Knoxville from Denver International after our adventure.
  • Experienced trip staff to lead your expedition.
  • camping fees, permit fees, etc.

Flight/Transportation Info

You can fly out of wherever you choose. Nashville has cheaper rates than Knoxville, but you would need to arrange your own transportation to Nashville. You do not need to check any bags, as we’ll transport them for you in our van.

Flying is the easiest choice, but you can get yourself to DEN however you choose.

You’ll need to arrive at Denver International by 1pm on 3/9.

We will be at DEN no earlier than 2pm on 3/15  for your returning flight. Allow time to pass through security when booking your return flight.

Below are a few flight combinations that fit our timeline.

Flight Combo 1 (from Nashville)

Flight Combo 2

Pretrip meeting

We’ll host a mandatory pre trip meeting for all participants on 2/29, from 6-7pm in the Outdoor Center to discuss logistics, get you any gear you might need, etc.

  • 3/9
    • .Arrive at Denver International Airport
    • Load in vans, drive 5.5 hours to put in, just outside Moab Utah.
    • Camp at put in.
  • 3/10
    • Breakfast, packing, setting shuttle.
    • Launch!
  • 3/11-3/14
      • Paddle the Labyrinth canyon section of the green river.
      • Each day will consist of waking up, making breakfast and lunch, breaking camp, packing gear and paddling downriver to our next camp. We’ll then setup camp, cook dinner and enjoy a night under the stars.
      • We’ll spend at least one day “laying over” (aka not paddling for one day) to explore side canyons that come in to the green. Maybe even see some arches??
  • 3/14.
    • Take off the river. Load gear into vans, and head to a campground for a shower and our last night together.
  • 3/15
    • Depart Moab early , and head to Denver International.
    • Arrive at Denver International. High Fives, and departure.



Register Here

Registration will open January 25, and close Feb 27 at 5pm.



The Refund deadline for this trip is Feb 13 at 5pm. Refunds for this trip will only be given after the refund deadline if your space on the trip is filled by another student on the waitlist. No refunds will be given after the refund deadline if your space on the trip is not filled.