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Department, Group, or Team Equipment Rentals

University Departments, Offices, or Teams, in addition to Registered Student Organizations, can all reserve equipment.

Group Reservation Policies

  • There must be a single contact person for the group, office, team, etc., and all communications will be with that person.
  • Equipment must be checked out, picked up, and returned in bulk. Individual pick up and return by group members is not permitted.
  • Rental and return must be during Outdoor Center operational hours
  • A reservation adjustment deadline is used to “lock” the reservation. This is at the close of business hours for the Outdoor Center the day prior to equipment pick up.
  • The rental charge will be based on the reservation at the above deadline. If more equipment is needed it can be rented for additional costs and if available.  If the equipment needed is less than reserved at the adjustment deadline, rental fees will reflect the equipment reservation.
  • The equipment will be rented in the name of the faculty, staff, or officer making the reservation request and that person will need to sign the Equipment Rental Agreement.
  • Reservation requests must be submitted four business days prior to rental pick up.
  • Equipment must be rented for student use. If a department or office is renting equipment for faculty and staff there will be an additional fee unless all members of the group are Rec Sports members.

Frequently Asked Questions

A group or team would be a group of students, faculty, or staff that are an organized team, organization, department, or other recognized entity.

Yes. An additional fee of the daily rate for each item will be charged if renting equipment for the weekend on a Thursday or for an arranged return on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, no. The pricing is already discounted for student use.

 A current list of items and pricing can be found on our website at